Aaron Rodgers- In the Hot Water

Aaron Rodgers might be in hot water after he appeared on the Aubrey Marcus podcast.

He admitted to taking the hallucinogenic, tropical-plant-based ayahuasca during vacation.

Aaron Rodgers- Plant Based Drugs

Aaron Rodgers- In an Interview

A TMZ reporter interviewed Shannon Sharpe, a former NFL tight end, as she walked through an airport.

Sharpe was asked by the interviewer what Sharpe thought about Rodgers' use of ayahuasca before he won.

Aaron Rodgers- Ayahuasca Drugs

Sharpe stated that he didn't know if Sharpe was too happy about Sharpe taking a hallucinogenic.

Aaron Rodgers- Was too Happy

Sharpe was then asked whether he believed Rodgers would face punishment from the league.

Aaron Rodgers- Face Punishments

The NFL will surely give him a call to say "That's not good looking." His sponsors might have something.

Aaron Rodgers- Sponsers

Rodgers' admission to using mind-altering drugs and his praise for their effects could be seen negatively.

Aaron Rodgers- Mind Altering Drugs

Image Source- Sportskeeda

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