Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers

The expiration date for Aaron Rodgers' patience with the Green Bay Packers Young pass-catchers.

In the very first interview since losing Davante Adams in the season, Rodgers expressed frustration.

Aaron Rodgers- First Interview

Aaron Rodgers- Young Receivers

The youngsters, particularly younger receivers, need to be more conscientious," Rodgers said

A number of drops, lots of route-related mistakes and running on the wrong path. We've got to be better.

Aaron Rodgers- Drops and Paths

The anger wasn't targeted at Allen Lazard whom Rodgers believes to be a valid no. 1. It was not pointed.

Aaron Rodgers- Pointed some Players

Rodgers' apathy towards other players, however, seemed to be waning following the practice.

Aaron Rodgers- The Practice

It was rife with penalties in the game against his team the New Orleans Saints that included the dropping.

Aaron Rodgers- Penalties Against

Aaron Rodgers- Preseason Opener

Image Source- The Sun

Unfortunate mistakes also resulted in 3 interceptions made by Jordan Love in the preseason opener.

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