Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback, and Tom Brady is arguably the best. They have a close friendship.

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Clips have been posted online proving Rodgers' long-standing admiration of the GOAT.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback spoke in the wake of the New England Patriots incredible comeback victory.

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Aaron Rodgers was talking about the 2017 Super Bowl. It is widely considered to be the greatest ever comeback victory.

Aaron Rodgers- 2017 Super Bowl

The third quarter was less than nine minutes old when Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan found Tevin Cole.

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The events that followed will be etched in the collective memory. Brady, who seemed to be MIA at that point.

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The Patriots defense supported him well, as they suddenly remembered that there was a Super Bowl at stake.

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New England's next possession ended in a touchdown when Brady created a memorable 13 play.

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Few players in the NFL are more intimidating that Aaron Donald, defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams.

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