Adam Schefter- Deshaun Watson

The effects of Deshaun Watson's six-game suspension is still rolling out as lawyer Tony Buzbee.

On Thursday this week, the NFL confirmed the decision that Peter C. Harvey will "hear the appeal

Adam Schefter- NFL Confirmed

Adam Schefter- Disciplinary Decision

The disciplinary decision involving Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Roger Goodell and the League appealed the decision of disciplinary Officer Sue L. Robinson's request/

Adam Schefter- The League

His focus towards ESPN Insider Adam Schefter, who he believes has misrepresented the Watson incident.

Adam Schefter- Focus On ESPN

Schefter's tweet referred to the Texas juror's choice to not assign criminal charges against Watson.

Adam Schefter- A Tweet

In the face of allegations of inappropriate sexual interactions through massage therapists he worked.

Adam Schefter- Allegations

He said Schefter claimed to be within close proximity to the participants in the legal matter.

Adam Schefter- Close Proximity

Image Source- Poynter

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