The Washington Post profiled Schefter. It highlighted several mistakes made by the ESPN NFL insider in reporting.

Adam Schefter-Statement

Adam Schefter-Statement

The case has yet to be decided. Cook was accused by his accuser of "journalistic malpractice."

Deshaun Watson was cleared of any sexual misconduct allegations by more than 20 massage therapists.

Adam Schefter-Statement

Scherzer was the NL player in the last game Scherzer was 5-1 and his 2.26 ERA through his comeback.

Max Appearance has Made All Fan Shocked

He believed that the truth would be revealed. Today, the grand jury didn't indict him for any of the criminal charges.

Adam Schefter-Statement

However, he's not the only player to have an impressive new contract prior to the 2022 season.

Scherzer Appearance has Made All Fan Shocked

Schefter apologized for the insensitive tone he used to break the news of Dwayne's death.

Adam Schefter-Statement


He also mentioned the struggles of former first-round quarterback Bruce Allen to play in the NFL.

Adam Schefter-Statement

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Evgeni MALkin has signed a four-year extension to his contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins, on the eve NHL free agency.

Malkin Agrees $24.4 Million Deal in NHL