Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, stated Tuesday that he was "hopeful" that the NBA will change limit.

Adam Silver- NBA Commissioner

Adam Silver- Collective Agreement

Its age limit in the next collective agreement. He called it "the right and proper thing to do."

Silver stated that he believes there is an opportunity to change it during the annual news conference.

Adam Silver- Opportunity to Change

"It's not based on just whether we go 19 to 18, but it's based on larger conversations, but I'm on the record.

Adam Silver- Larger Conversation

I hope that we can make that change in the next collective bargaining cycle which will occur in the next few years.

Adam Silver- Collective Bargaining

It is not the first time that the idea of altering the age limit has been brought up in recent years.

Adam Silver- The Age Limit

Negotiations between the NBA, National Basketball Players Association and others ended in failure.

Adam Silver- Negotiation in NBA


Silver stated that changing the age limit would "clearly" be on the table in the upcoming collective.

Adam Silver- Upcoming Collective

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