Adley Rutschman, the Orioles’ next big hope, has arrived and in style.

Adley Rutschman in MLB- Arrived in Styles

Rutschman baseball's No. 1 prospect per MLB Pipeline invited standing applause for nearly every facet.

Adley Rutschman in MLB- Baseball No. 1

His announcement in the starting lineup, his first time announced as a batter (and each of the ensuing three times on the night).

Adley Rutschman in MLB- Announced as Batter

I can't really explain the feeling, because it's just unlike anything else I've ever experienced.” said Rutschman

Adley Rutschman in MLB- What Rutschman Said

Rutschman’s arrival signals that the sea change that has been simmering in Baltimore is now kicked into high gear.

Adley Rutschman in MLB- Arrival is Signal

A few have already debuted; none has invited nearly as much buildup or buzz as Rutschman.

Adley Rutschman in MLB- None Buzz as Adley

Adley Rutschman realizes the position he’s in, but his focus is on what got him to Baltimore in the first place.

Adley Rutschman in MLB- Baltimore in 1st Place

“Just being on a team again, trying to win,” Rutschman said, “trying to win together.” 

Adley Rutschman MLB- Trying to Win Together

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