Adrian Peterson- Pro Football

I haven't received any calls yet, but God willing that will change," said Adrian Peterson, AP Pro Football.

Peterson is getting ready to fight Le'Veon Ball on Saturday, but the event will feature celebrities fighting.

Adrian Peterson- Fighting Celebrities

"Still chasing that championship, and you only get the opportunity to do this once in a lifetime," Peterson stated.

Adrian Peterson- The Opportunity

There have been six months since Peterson first wore gold and purple in Minnesota and has been to New Orleans.

Adrian Peterson- Time Recommended

He's open to suggestions however, having a chance to play for a contender is a good idea.

Adrian Peterson- Contender Play

Peterson stated in a statement, noting that he's been watching videos from Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather.

Adrian Peterson- Worth Watching

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Adrian Peterson- Run Offs

Image Source- The Vikings Age

But once we get in the ring, up until that last second runs off it's going to be me and you.

No matter what happens on the field Peterson does not have any ill feelings for Bell.

Adrian Peterson- Ill Feelings

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