AEP Ohio- Storm

The storm that hit the area last month produced winds so powerful the AEP Ohio said it snapped almost 500 poles.

"I've been at the company for 15 years and I've never seen an event like this before," said Zach Miller.

AEP Ohio- For 15 Years

AEP Ohio- The Repairs

Since we've made the repairs from the event last month, we've had high heat, we've had a few weather events.

Withstand those extreme temperatures and winds like it's designed and built to do," Miller said.

AEP Ohio- Extreme Temperatures

The electric company acknowledges that errors were made in the storm of June 13 which included warning.

AEP Ohio- Electric Company

The company claimed it only had five minutes to respond to shut off power in an attempt.

AEP Ohio- Five Minutes

Image Source- New York Posr

The actions of AEP Ohio are the subject of an investigation by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

AEP Ohio- Investigations

Image Source- Dispatch

Following the hurricane, AEP Ohio it's worked to remove branches of trees from high voltage lines.

AEP Ohio- Remove Branches

Image Source- Transmission Hub

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