Online vacation rental company Airbnb has announced to let its employees to live and work anywhere to increase their productivity.

AirBNB Employees Can Work from Anywhere

If employees move, their compensation won't change and starting in June & the company will offer single pay tiers by country wise.

AirBNB Employees- New Rules Valid From

A small number of roles will be required to be in the office or a specific location to perform their core job responsibilities

AirBNB Employees- Will There be Office Work?

Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said that work-from-anywhere did not affect the company's performance.

AirBNB Employees- What AirBNB CEO Said

Starting from September 2022, Airbnb employees can live and work in 170 countries for upto 90 days in year at each location.

AirBNB Employees- 90 Days a Year

CEO Said Everyone still need a permanent address for tax and payroll purposes, but we're excited to give you this level of flexibility,

AirBNB Employees- Permanent Address for Tax

The company is prioritising meaningful in-person gatherings that will happen throughout the year.

AirBNB Employees- In Person Gathering

Airbnb now has 4 million hosts who have welcomed more than 1 billion guest arrivals across over 220 countries.

AirBNB Stats

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