AJ Brown- Instructional

It was Day 1 of instructional course and no one planned to beat Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown.

Like 6:30-ish," Brown said after training Wednesday. "We attempt to get in an everyday practice.

AJ Brown- Training

AJ Brown- Main Authority

It's the main authority day so we realized we had practice at like 10 so we're simply attempting.

We've heard a great deal about Hurts' unmatched hard-working attitude throughout the two or three years.

AJ Brown- Great Deal

They're old buddies, they're both dedicated to out-working everyone and out of the blue they're partners.

AJ Brown- Old Buddies

"He's very much like me, you know?" Brown said. "Planning, examining Toward the beginning.

AJ Brown- Much Like

Brown is a stud, a Pro Bowler, a double cross 1,000-yard collector, the top large play beneficiary.

AJ Brown- Pro Bowler

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"I'm certain it will go to another level once we formally play the principal game," Brown said.

AJ Brown- Another Level

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