The time has come to start the year again. While many of us plan an impulsive retreat to our favorite holiday.

AJ Brown- Impulsive

AJ Brown- EA Sports

The team who work at EA Sports has been hard at work putting the final details on Madden 2023.

The league releases its player ratings for one position group at a time, starting on Monday with wide receivers.

AJ Brown- Player Ratings

The highest rating that a player can earn is 99. One receiver received the sought-after 99 mark.

AJ Brown- Highest Ratings

The new acquisition A.J. Brown was not a surprise to be the top-rated Eagles receiver, earning an overall rating of 87.

AJ Brown- Top Rate Eagles

Which places him 18th in the league of wide receivers. He is among the top 10 players in both strengths.

AJ Brown- Wide Receivers

For second-year player DeVonta Smith DeVonta Smith, he received an overall score of 83 that was enough to rank.

AJ Brown- Enough to Rank

Image Source- ESPN

Smith was awarded excellent scores in speed (91) as well as acceleration (94) and the ability to move (91).

AJ Brown- Excellent Scores

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The winning team is a factor in the vote which is why Herbert's position. Two quarterbacks in front...

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