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In the last season among the best aspects of the Boston Celtics' run was how impressed they were as a starting team.

The five-man group consisting of Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford along with Robert Williams.

Christian Wood- First Move

Christian Wood- Breakout Season

However, there's a problem the Celtics may face this season, and that's the age of Al Horford.

He played in every game he participated in last season however, the player was coming off nearly a whole year.

Christian Wood- Rebounds & Assists

If watching Al Horford play basketball is on your bucket list, I'd be reticent to purchase a ticket.

Christian Wood- Basketball Season

Andrew Doxy even mentioned the possibility of the idea of benching Horford to make room for Grant Williams.

Christian Wood- Offensive Forward

Horford's position could allow the sharpshooter to gain more playing time which is what he desperately requires.

Christian Wood- Frontcourt

Image Source- LA Times

Christian Wood- More Complex

Image Source- New York Post

If Horford shifts to the bench position, Williams would presumably become the primary player.

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