Albert Pujols- St Louis Cardinals

Albert Pujols turned around during his St Louis Cardinals winning 6-3 against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Brewers fielder Hunter Renfroe starting things off when he hit an RBI homer in the second innings.

Albert Pujols- Brewers Infielder

Albert Pujols- The Ninth Innings

The Brewers didn't score until the ninth inning as Cardinals starter Miles Mikolas put an impressive performance.

The Cardinals scored their first score after the second when Pujols shot a 392-foot leadoff shot.

Albert Pujols- Their First Score

Dylan Carlson was the first to score the home run, which was the longest of the game with 373 feet.

Albert Pujols- The Home Run

Infield single by O'Neill and the walk to NL MVP favorite Paul Goldschmidt, Pujols stepped back on the plate.

Albert Pujols- MVP Favourite

The 443-foot blast by Pujols was the longest home run of the season and 20 feet more in comparison to others.

Albert Pujols- In Comparison

Albert Pujols- Game Advantage

Image Source- NY Post

The victory means the Cardinals gained a one-and-a half game advantage over the Brewers at the top.

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