Albert Pujols- MVP In 2009

The 42-year old stokes excitement for a 2022 home run chase. He was last in MLB to lead in long balls and won MVP in 2009.

The St. Louis Cardinals traded Matt Holliday to make a dramatic deadline trade for Matt Holliday.

Albert Pujols- Matt Holiday

Albert Pujols- The No.1  Pick

Matt Holliday's son was the No. The July draft had the No. 1 pick.

Albert Pujols was sitting at 679 career home runs when he rejoined the Cardinals in 2022 for a farewell tour.

Albert Pujols- Farewell Tour

 Since 2016, he hadn't been an average hitter in a season and couldn't play right-handers well enough for him to bat regularly for a team.

Albert Pujols- Play Right Handers

The too-cute-to work reunion with the Cardinals worked because it did. He's now a spark plug for the team’s rise to the top in the NL Central.

Albert Pujols- NL Central

He has 693 homers and is making an impossible run at 700 seem possible after hitting two homers against Arizona.

Albert Pujols- Against Arizona

Albert Pujols- All Time Leader

Image Source- CBBS Sports, NYTIMES

We love to talk about who is on pace for history, and who has the potential to be an all-time leader.

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