Albert Pujols was extraordinarily kind to Pirates supporters who spotted his historic 697th homer at Pittsburgh.

The only thing you can be saying regarding Albert Pujols in 2022 is WOW. After being signed by the St. Louis Cardinals.

This ball has a lot of significance however the way he handled the people who saw the ball is quite shocking.

The fans who saw Albert Pujols' historic ball were Pittsburgh Pirates fans, but they would like to give the ball for collection.

This is a wonderful gesture by Pujols like what he's done to fans across the league during the final game of his tour.

When he was in Chicago, he gave one of the fans a jersey worn off his back. Everything about this race towards 700 has been incredible to witness.

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Image Source- Post Gazette

Three more games to go for Pujols to reach that goal The Cardinals have 21 games in their schedule.

In the end, the ball that brought him to the No. 3 in all-time career home runs can mean quite a bit near to MLB History.

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