Alec Pierce- Indianapolis Colts

The part of Indianapolis Colts listed Alec Pierce as their second wide receiver on the opposite side of Michael Pittman Jr.

Pierce is meeting the expectations that people had of him as the second Bearcat chosen for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Alec Pierce- The Expectations

He's already made a great first impression to the QB Matt Ryan and should be an excellent vertical partner for Pittman.

Alec Pierce- First Impression

Pierce completed the 2022 preseason with three catch on four targets, totalling 36 yards.

Alec Pierce- Catch Targets

Just one percent of football players from high school in America ultimately join one of the NFL team.

Alec Pierce- American Football

The pressure is high and young people are committing their entire lives to getting a shot at professional football.

Alec Pierce- Young People

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Alec Pierce- Becomes Professional

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When they succeed and become professional, all the sweat, blood and tears they've put into their sport.

The first one is Alec Pierce, who not only comes from an athletic family but also has the ability to think on his feet.

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