Alex Bregman- Hitting the Ball

The manner in which Alex Bregman has been hitting the ball in the past month has brought back.

Injury to his hamstring in 2020 , and his wrist and quad in '21 resulted in mistakes in his mechanics.

Alex Bregman- Resulted in Mistakes

Alex Bregman- Show His Dominance

Bregman continues to show his dominance in the second-half by hitting 4-for-6 and scoring four runs.

The prior two years, mechanically, I was not the same. My hips were open and caused me to spin.

Alex Bregman- Caused to Spin

Bregman as well as outfielder Chas McCormick (3-for-6 five RBIs) each contributed 11 runs in the game.

Alex Bregman- Contributed to Game

The 21 runs tied with the second-highest total in the club's history, only behind their 23 with the Orioles.

Alex Bregman- Second Highest

It was also the first previously recorded time that the Astros recorded 25 hits in a single game.

Alex Bregman- Recorded Time

Alex Bregman- Four Hit Team

Image Source- Climbing Tal's Hill

Astros Outfielder Kyle Tucker and catcher Christian Vazquez both hit 4-for-6. Joined Bregman in the four-hit team.

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