Alex Bregman- Houston Astros

It was reported that the Houston Astros hosted many players from Texas Uvalde's community.

The game began with the first pitch. an 11-year-old girl wearing a t-shirt with the words "Team Altuve".

Alex Bregman- The First Pitch

Alex Bregman- To go Yards

Altuve was not able to go yards, Astro's third baseman Alex Bregman obliged with a two-run homer.

Houston Manager Dusty Baker let Bregman know the magnitude of the hit it was for Uvalde residents.

Alex Bregman- Team Manager

On Sunday, the Astros organized 10 buses for about 500 family members and friends of victims of May.

Alex Bregman- Family Members

The 500 were among the 3,000 from Uvalde who received free tickets by the Astros for Sunday's game.

Alex Bregman- Free Tickets from Astros

It was really cool, just anything we can do for them," Bregman said. I think it's really nice what the Astros have done.

Alex Bregman- What Player Said

Alex Bregman- The Crucial Hit

Bregman was able to go 2-for-3, scoring the crucial hit and had three RBIs during a 3-3 Astros victory.

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