Aaron Judge- Modest Bunch

A modest bunch of Yankees graduated class conceded that, while they were glad to see the arrival.

Given the display Aaron Judge has placed on over the course of the last month, who could fault.

Aaron Judge- On the Couse

Aaron Judge- Old Folks

Judge gave two dozen old folks and 44,081 fans another feature-filled outing on Saturdays.

The most recent part in Judge's pursuit for the club's single-season grand slam record was highlighted.

Aaron Judge- Persuit

That gave him 42 for the year, 19 away from Roger Maris' Yankee/American League standard of 61.

Aaron Judge- Roger

I can't envision an individual more prepared to go through something to that effect.

Aaron Judge- Envision

The 30-year-old likewise turned into the second-quickest to arrive at 200 professional grand slams.

Aaron Judge- Second Quickiest

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I'm eager to move that one, and furthermore, we got success," Judge said. "In this way.

Aaron Judge- Furthermore

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Much has been made about how the Washington Nationals, after a portion of 10 years...

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