Paul George- Detroit Pistons

When his time of the Detroit Pistons was coming to the end the veteran center Reggie Jackson.

After pondering his retiring, Reggie was signed by the LA Clippers where he has totally restored.

Paul George- Retirement

Paul George- Summer Camp

At Paul George's summer camp for youth, Reggie used his story to deliver a speech to the campers.

It really started making me question myself," Reggie spoke about the uncertainties in Detroit.

Paul George- Uncertainities

Don't let anybody ever do this to you in life, take the fun out of the things that you love to do.

Paul George- Love to Do

In a gesture at Paul George, who was next to Reggie. He credited his longtime friend.

Paul George- Longtime Friend

It's been reported for some time that George played a significant role in bringing Reggie into the Clippers.

Paul George- Significant Role

Image Source- NY Times

Image Source- LA Times

With a healthy roster this season, he is expected to be an integral player once more.

Paul George- Healthy Roster

Image Source- Sporting News

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