Allen Iverson- Signature Move

This move is used for the purpose of fumbling opponents and then they are unable to recover and play defense.

Some have the fadeaway leaper and some players are equipped with a Euro step and others possess the killer crossover.

Allen Iverson- At the Euro Step

76ers player Allen Iverson had one of the most memorable crossovers in the history of basketball.

Allen Iverson- Most Memorable

Allen Iverson was able to shake Michael Jordan out of his shoes in order to let himself loose to make an open jump.

Allen Iverson- MJ Shoes

Bleacher Report put together a listing of the greatest signature moves of NBA the past.

Allen Iverson- News Reports

The Iverson crossover ranks second on their list. It is right ahead of Tim Hardaway Sr.'s crossover:

Allen Iverson- Rankings

Image Source- Republic World

Allen Iverson- Inspirations

Image Source- The Sixer Sense

Iverson could have taken inspiration from or been influenced by Hardaway in his crossover with all his hesitation.

In contrast, very few players throughout the history played the ball with the same elegance as Iverson.

Allen Iverson- History

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