Alvin Kamara, All-Pro running back, is apparently preparing for a long suspension in the 2022 season.

Alvin Kamara- All Pro Running Back

Star running back for more than a few games. Florio said Kamara was "bracing" to be suspended for more than six games.

Alvin Kamara- More than Few Games

According to the report, "Saints running back Alvin Kamara anticipates a suspension of at most six weeks.

Alvin Kamara- Saints running Back

The news shocked many fans. Many fans were shocked to learn that Kamara would be suspended prior to Deshaun Watson.

Alvin Kamara- Shocked Many fans

Massive impact if the NFL gives at least six games over to Kamara in exchange for a fight.

Alvin Kamara- Least Six Games

Florio showed that Chris Lammons , Lili Kamara, and two other men beat a man at a Las Vegas nightclub.

Image Source- CBS Sports

Alvin Kamara- Beat Man in Nightclub

Kamara and Lammons were involved with harming someone during the Pro Bowl.

Image Source- Who Dat Dish

Alvin Kamara- Involved Harming

The Personal Conduct policy describes "a basic six-game suspension for felony battery.

Alvin Kamara- Personal Conduct Policy

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