Amazon has introduced a brand new Prime Video interface that will be familiar to anyone who has ever used Netflix.

Amazon Prime- New Interface

Amazon Prime- Overwhelming

To improve this Prime Video experience "less busy and overwhelming," the company has moved.

It also put the icons in vertical columns. Starting from the top and ending at the bottom the six menus.

Amazon Prime- Vertical Columns

The majority of menus have subcategories that make navigation easier. For example the Home section.

Amazon Prime- Majority of Menus

Other features inspired by Netflix include the best 10 listing of top media and posters which expand.

Amazon Prime- Inspired by Netflix

The most beneficial modification Amazon has made is a new set icons that allow you to identify.

Amazon Prime- Modifications

Blue checkmarks mean that the television show or movie you're looking to watch is included in the subscription.

Amazon Prime- Television Show

Image Source- CBS News

According to The Verge , Amazon spent 18 months in the process of redesigning the site.

Amazon Prime- The Verge

Image Source- Financial Express

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