Amazon Thursday Night- Football League

To the delight and dismay of soccer fans all across the United States, the era of the National Football League.

Amazon Prime Video is the main home of "Thursday Night Football" this next season, for the first time.

Amazon Thursday Night- Prime Video

Amazon Thursday Night- New Era Starts

The new era starts on the month of August. 25, by hosting a preseason match with two teams: The 49ers and Texans.

The first regular-season game for Amazon is scheduled for September. 15 on the night that they will play.

Amazon Thursday Night- Regular Season

Local broadcast stations of the teams that play during a particular week will broadcast the games on the air.

Amazon Thursday Night- Broadcast Stations

8 million U.S. subscribers have watched Amazon Prime Video at least once over the past year.

Amazon Thursday Night- US Subscribers

To put it in perspective, Netflix ended the second quarter of its fiscal year with 73.3 million monthly paid customers.

Amazon Thursday Night- Second Quarter

Amazon Thursday Night- Pricing

For those who wish to view the games must join the Amazon Prime account. This costs $14.99 per month.

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