Amazon Market Share Plunges Inc delivered a disappointing quarter and outlook on Thursday as the e-commerce giant was swamped by high price. Market Share Market Share is down by upto 14% due to weak revenue guidance for the current quarter.

Amazon Market Share- EV Startup Rivian

Amazon also shared a $7.6 billion loss on its investment in electric vehicle maker Rivian, which lost more than half of its value. Market Share- Amazon US Union

A fulfillment center in New York City voted to create Amazon's first U.S. union, a result the retailer is contesting.

Amazon Market Share Plunges- Delivery

the higher price of fuel risks diminishing consumers' disposable income just as it is making delivery more expensive.

Amazon Market Share- Prime is not Enough

Amazon's forecast shows hiking the price of its fast-shipping club Prime last quarter may not be enough to prop up its profit.

Amazon Market Share- Operating Income

The company expects to lose as much as $1 billion in operating income this quarter, or make as much as $3 billion.

Amazon Market Share- Tough Time

This was a tough quarter for Amazon with trends across every key area of the business heading in the wrong direction

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