Center who is a free agent Andre Drummond has signed a two-year, $6.6 million contract together with the Chicago Bulls.

Andre Drummond- A Free Agent

Sources informed the ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski on Thursday. The second-year will be an option for the player.

Andre Drummond- Informed ESPN

The big man of 28 was a force in the third quarter with the Brooklyn Nets after getting traded before.

Andre Drummond- The Third Quarter

Coaches and Nets's athletes expressed appreciation for the way Drummond played on the defensive.

Andre Drummond- Appreciation

He was averaging 11.8 scores and 10.3 rebounds in his 24 regular-season games against Brooklyn.

Andre Drummond- Average Scores

Drummond established himself as a reliable player on the court for the Nets and a well-liked player off.

Andre Drummond- Players on the Court

The veteran center Andre Drummond is finalizing a deal for The Chicago Bulls, per Shams Charania of The Athletics.

Andre Drummond- Veteran Centre

Image Source- NESN

CNN's Adrian Wojnarowski said Drummond's contract is worth $6.6 million over the course of two years.

Andre Drummond- For the Two Years

Image Source- The Ringer

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