The Warriors chose to take Jordan Poole, a shooting guard from the University of Michigan, much to the delight of many.

Andrew Nembhard- Shooting Guard

In just a few short years, Poole transformed into one of the most promising young stars in the league.

Andrew Nembhard- Most Promising Star

Andrew Nembhard is the ideal choice for the Warriors as No. 28 due to his winning record, playmaking ability, and pace.

Andrew Nembhard- Ideal Choice for Warriors

They have had success with Poole's drafts, and the selections of James Wiseman 2020, Jonathan Kuminga 2021.

Andrew Nembhard- Success with Draft

The Warriors will once again have the No. 28 pick in the upcoming draft. The Warriors should take Andrew Nembhard.

Andrew Nembhard- Warriors Should Take

Poole was a projected second-round pick to undrafted, but Nembhard has shot up draft boards due to his performance.

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Andrew Nembhard- Projected Second Round

He has proven that he is capable of playing in a fast, high-powered offense. He enjoys making pick-and-rolls.

Image Source- Sportsnet

Andrew Nembhard- Capable of Playing

Andrew Nembhard, based on his play style would be a great fit for the Warriors. The 22-year old is a selfless, high-IQ guard.

Andrew Nembhard- Based on His Play Style

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