Andrew Wiggins, Golden State Warriors forward, regretted getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

Andrew Wiggins- Golden State Warriors

Andrew Wiggins- NBA Championship

He said that he later won the NBA Championship as well as an All-star nomination.

FanSided's Mark Carman, 27, said that "I still wish I hadn't gotten [vaccinated], just to be honest with myself.

Andrew Wiggins- Vaccinated

Wiggins acknowledged that the season was his best in 8 years of professional basketball.

Andrew Wiggins- Acknowledged

He could only play according to NBA guidelines and safety regulations because of vaccination.

Andrew Wiggins- According to NBA

Wiggins said: "But for me, I just don’t like putting all of that stuff in my body, so that I didn’t like that.

Andrew Wiggins- Stuff in the Body

Wiggins refused to be vaccinated during the NBA season and applied for a religious exemption.

Andrew Wiggins- Refused for It

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Wiggins led his team to a championship. He was also arguably Golden State’s second most valuable player.

Andrew Wiggins- Second Most Valuable

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