Andrew Wiggins- Golden State

The Golden State Warriors have had a dramatic few days. For a late-July NBA team things to be turned.

This is certainly more dramatic than what it should be for a defending champion NBA team.

Andrew Wiggins- More Dramatic

Andrew Wiggins- Some Time

Although the drama has been simmering for some time, we have all tried to keep it at bay as much.

Poole held firm as the Warriors set the NBA payroll record in 2021-22 and promised to do so.

Andrew Wiggins- The NBA Payroll

Anthony Slater and Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic provided an in-depth report Wednesday.

Andrew Wiggins- The Athletics

Tim Kawakami had received in June. It stated that the team wouldn't exceed a $400m payroll.

Andrew Wiggins- The Team

A $33million/year extension to Andrew Wiggins would be combined with a $31million/year extension.

Andrew Wiggins- Extensions

Image Source- Forbes

Although you can look long and hard for discounts, Warriors' will shave off many millions of dollars.

Andrew Wiggins- Discounts

Image Source- SF Chronicles

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