Andrew Yang- Forward Party

Andrew Yang announced that his Forward Party is joining of Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

Yang claims that the party, which is referred to as Forward which is the third largest political party.

Andrew Yang- Forward

Andrew Yang- Founding Members

The founding members hope that it can create a bridge between the extreme divides between the two sides.

The new party will be co-chaired with Yang as well as Christine Todd Whitman, a previous Republican Governor.

Andrew Yang- Co Chaired By

The foundation of the party is made up from members belonging to the Renew America Movement.

Andrew Yang- Members

RAM was founded by a number of former officials from earlier Republican administrations.

Andrew Yang- Former Officials

RAM is now led by ex- Trump White House official Miles Taylor, while SAM is a political association.

Andrew Yang- White House

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We are already on the ballot in several states with a goal of 15 states by the end of this year.

Andrew Yang- On the Ballot

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