Android 13 OS- Beta 2 Announcement

At Google I/O, Google announced that 2nd beta is already available for download, and users can try on their Google Pixel phones.

Unlike “developer preview” builds which are for developers only, beta releases of Android 13 are for general users.

Android 13 OS- Build for General Users

Android 13 OS- Considering Feedback

Google is particularly watching for general feedback here from normal users on how they experience the new Android version.

sAndroid 13 Beta 2 hould still be wary about installing it on your daily driver, it’s expected that this build is a little bit more stable.

Android 13 OS- More Stable

Android 13 OS- Most Notable Feature

– Predictive back gesture – Files for specifying supported app language – New permission to use exact alarm

Google intends on delivering  final SDK/NDK APIs, along with final internal APIs and app-facing system behaviors on Android 13.

Android 13 OS- Final Internal APIs

Android 13 OS- Predictive Back Gesture

Navigating through apps can be annoying, especially when using the back button. Cear if swiping to go back will close the app

Developers can now specify what languages their app will support so that users can choose languages on a per-app basis. 

Android 13 OS- Supported App Language

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