Angry Birds Classic Play is back on Google Play

Rovio has been busy bringing back its classic games to the mobile market. They have rebuilt the original Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Classic Play- Multi-Player Mode

With this Angry Bird Classic Play you will be able to compete with friends on local leaderboards and break your score records.

Angry Birds Classic Play is back on App Store

Rovio has brought the original Angry Birds game back to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Angry Birds Classic Play- No In-App Purchases

Angry Birds Game has no in-app purchases. The developers promise that every aspect of the original game to be preserved.

Angry Birds Classic Play- Trophies

You can also find a variety of collectible items and trophies in the Angry Birds Classic Play new Game.

Angry Birds Classic Play- Popular Characters

The New Angery Birds includes the popular Poached Eggs and Mighty Eagle characters, and it has several new features. 

Angry Birds Classic Play- More Hard Levels

The new Angry Birds Game are also more levels to unlock, including the ability to make enemies disappear.

Angry Birds Classic Play-Based on New Engine

Thhe New Angry Birds Classic game is designed using Unity and have added new game mechanics and improved graphics.

Angry Birds Classic Play- Popularity

The classic Angry Birds game was an instant hit on mobile devices and has inspired several sequels.  

Angry Birds Classic Play- Swipe Up for More

Swipe up to know Exclusive Details on the launch of the whole new Angry Birds Classic game based on new Engine.