Anthony Davis- Phoenix Suns

Before he signed an extension of his contract for The Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James was linked with The Phoenix Suns.

The news is that Phoenix is associated with one of James his teammates through trade chatter.

Anthony Davis- Trade Chatter

 Lakers trading Anthony Davis to the Suns to get a package with Deandre Ayton, and Cam Johnson.

Anthony Davis- Cam Johnson

Phoenix would be an interesting fit too, once Ayton can be traded," the executive stated in Deveney's words.

Anthony Davis- Deeveney Words

 However, with his injuries over during the past few years, it's difficult to sell Davis.

Anthony Davis- Sell Davis

A potential deal among both the Suns and Lakers that involves Ayton might be fraught with issues but.

Anthony Davis- Potential Deal

Anthony Davis- Indiana Pacers

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Because Phoenix matches Ayton's offer on the Indiana Pacers' offer sheet for Ayton The center cannot be traded until January. 15.

The Lakers worked hard to get Davis on the team and worked out great at first," the player wrote.

Anthony Davis- The Lakers

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