Anthony Richardson- Unforgettable One

Anthony Richardson made sure Billy Napier's first head-coaching experience at Florida was an unforgettable one.

Richardson Richardson, the Gators player with the most electric second-year quarterback.

Anthony Richardson- Quarterback

Although Utah was able to restrict Richardson to mostly throws under the chin when passing.

Anthony Richardson- When Passing

 He also scored an impressive 45-yard touchdown late in the first quarter and scored with just two yards away in the opening quarter.

Anthony Richardson- Opening Quarter

Richardson leading the way, the Florida offensive team racked up an impressive 284 yards of ground.

Anthony Richardson- 284 Yards  Of Ground

Richardson or one of his backs would score just enough to sustain drives.

Anthony Richardson- Sustain Drive

Anthony Richardson- Nine Yards

Image Source-  SI.COM, The Gaurdian

One of the most important of all was Richardson who escaped pressure and ran around for nine yards.

After the Richardson touchdown, however, Utah still had a chance. Cam Rising led the Utah offense down until the Florida 6-yard line. 

Anthony Richardson- 6 Yard Line

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