Antonio Brown will always be remembered for his time as an NFL star. 

Image Source- Daily Snark

He was among the greatest wide receivers of all-time and an unstoppable threat in his tenure with The Pittsburgh Steelers.

Image Source- SI.COM

It was once a Hall of Fame track may have fallen apart since then however, he will forever be remembered for his outstanding wide receiver.

Without NFL interest recently, Brown seems to have turned his attention to creating music.

His YouTube channel hosts a couple of music videos, and he even was a performer in the band Rolling Loud.

 His most recent tweet, which is cryptic, suggests that he's interested in the sport.

In the letter, he declares that he's a rockstar not a football player , and requests that his name and image cease.

While not part of the NFL club, Brown has been featured on sports channels that in connection with a sexy behaviour in Dubai.

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