Apex Legend One for Mobile

Apex Legend One to bring its battle royale hit to mobile devices but there is officially an Apex Legends iOS & Android.

Arriving around the world, the Apex Lengends One free-to-play mobile version will launch on May 17. 

Apex Legend One- Free to Play

Apex Legend One for Mobile- Launch Trailer

Spotted by The Verge, EA has officially slated the iOS and Android release for Tuesday, May 17, and shared a three-minute launch trailer.

EA has also opened up preregistration to get an early heads up when the game launches on the 17th for iOS and Android.

Apex Legend One- Preregisration

Apex Legend One- Mobile First Adaption

EA says the Apex Legend One for iOS and Android versions will include specific “Mobile First Adaptations & Innovations”:

– Optimized UI and controls custom-built. – Unique mobile-only content and gameplay. – New Legends, maps, gameplay, modes, etc.

Apex Legend One- Newly Added Features

Apex Legend One- Strategic Gameplay

Strategic squad play and Battle Royale. – Equip an arsenal of exotic weaponry abilities – SMG, Assault Rifle, LMG, Shotgun, etc.

- Squad up with two other players. - Create legendary squads. - Multiplayer squad play.

Apex Legend One- Multiplayer Hero Shooter

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