Apex Legend Season 13 Coming

The Apex legend Season 13 to the arena with Newcastle and making changes that might help players focus on teamwork.

Season 13 of Apex Legends carries the title Saviors, which matches Newcastle’s kit of abilities

Apex Legend Season 13- Saviors

Apex Legend Season 13- New Castle Kit

Newcastle’s kit of abilities that are about keeping his teammates alive longer to help them win fights.

Has a passive ability that is unlike any character we’ve seen before, with the ability to not only shield downed teammates.

Apex Legend Season 13- Abilities

Apex Legend Season 13- Shield Power

The shield’s power level increases if Newcastle is carrying a higher-tier knockdown shield, which adds another tweak  .

It sounds like it will be easy to control during a fight, allowing players to turn and move the shield to advance on enemies.

Apex Legend Season 13- Easy to Control

Apex Legend Season 13- Castle Walls

Ultimate ability sees Newcastle jump long distances, slam his shield into the ground, and quickly build up a “castle wall”.

Unlocking the new character requires 12,000 of the Legend Tokens players earn by playing the game or with 750 Apex Coins.

Apex Legend Season 13- New Characters

Apex Legend Season 13- Swipe Up for More!!!

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