Apple Airtages- Issue Found

Apple’s AirTags have been sending out “phantom” alerts that are confusing iPhone users.

The AirTags, features anti-stalking measures that are designed to alert users when an unknown AirTag has been detected.

Apple AirTags- Anti Stalking Feature

Apple Airtages- Discourage Users from Tacking

The idea is to discourage AirTags from being used to track people without their consent using the Apple AirTags.

The WSJ reports that these false alerts generally occur in the middle of the night and have started popping up.

Apple AirTags- Wall Street Journal Report

Apple Airtages- Accompany Maps

Unknown AirTag alert, they’re supposed to see an accompanying map that shows where and how long the AirTag was detected

False alarms, however, are accompanied by maps depicting several straight lines radiating from a person’s location. 

Apple AirTags- Straight Light Radiating

Apple Airtages- Bug in the System

f you’ve ever seen an unknown AirTag alert, this is highly unusual and seems to indicate a bug in the system.

While testing the AirTag’s safety features, I was repeatedly notified that my own AirTag was stalking me.

Apple AirTags- Stalking

Apple AIrtags- Swipe Up!!!

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