Apple Car- Project Titan

Reports had earlier suggested that tech giant Apple is developing a fully electric car that has been named Project Titan.


Apple Car- More Details About The Car

there are more details on the Apple Car by Patently Apple, a blog that closely covers Apple’s Intellectual Property (IP).

Apple Car- Expected Release Date

Apple has not yet disclosed the release date of its Apple Car. Reports suggest that it could enter the market in 2025.


Apple Car- Going to be Fully Electric

The Apple Car is expected to be a fully-electric car that will be self-driving. he Apple Car could function as your iPhone.

Apple Car- Revived Original Patent

Apple has revived its old original patent and will introduce a new technology enabling the Apple Car to work as a function.


Apple Car- Guidance of Autonomous Vehicle

The patent reveals that the Apple Car could be parked using the iPhone touch screen and voice control functions.

Apple Car- Exact Locations

Drivers may be able to mark a spot on the map on their iPhone screens so that the car takes them to the exact location.


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