Apple Foldable iPhones- News heading strong

Apple is developing a new folding OLED screen that should eventually make its way in a folding iPhone or iPad.

The big breakthrough is the lack of a polarizer layer on the panel which is currently being used in some conventional folding displays. 

Apple Foldable iPhones- Conventional Folding

Apple Foldable iPhones- Used in Samsung

The same polarizer-less display technology is used by Samsung in its Galaxy Z Fold3 and its Eco²OLED display.

The removal of the polarizer layer allows for thinner folding displays though at the cost of visibility and peak brightness.

Apple Foldable iPhones- Thinner Folding

Apple Foldable iPhones- Expected before 2025

Apple’s folding phone is still years away at this point and we should not expect it before 2025 according to renowned Apple expert.

What Apple is trying to do is remove the polarizer, and replace it with equivalent technology.

Apple Foldable iPhones- Remove Polarizer

Apple Foldable iPhones- Samsung

Samsung famously replaced polarizers for their foldable screen, used in Galaxy Z Fold 3 Smartphone.

According to a report from Macrumors that quoted Kuo, the foldable iPhone will have a screen size between 7.5 and 8-inch.

Apple Foldable iPhones- Display Size

Apple Foldable iPhones- Swipe Up!!!

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