Apple iPod- Finall Discontinued

Apple has officially announced the discontinuation of the last iPod Touch model, ending its iconic iPod product.

Apple did not create the market for portable music players, it captured the imagination of the world at the time.

Apple iPod- Portable Music Players

Apple iPod- It's Popularity

Apple also sold the extremely popular iPod mini, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod Touch series over the past several years.

The series had not been updated since the launch of the 7th Gen iPod Touch in mid-2019, which came four years.

Apple iPod- Series not Update Since 4 years

Apple iPod- Apple Website

Even its presence on Apple's official website had been diminished, as other products, most notably the iPhone, replaced it.

Apple's iPod became a pop culture sensation, with sconic the white earphones that were bundled with it. 

Apple iPod- Pop Culture Sensations

Apple iPod- Upto 5GB of Capacity

The original iPod, with its 5GB capacity and FireWire connection, was exclusively compatible with Macs.

While the iPod Touch was at times highlighted as a gaming device, or a more affordable Internet-connected device.

Apple iPods- Highlighted as Gaming Deviices

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