Aqib Talib- Thursday Night Football

Aqib Talib isn't being a part of the Amazon "Thursday Night Football" broadcast team at all.

Aqib said to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport on Sunday that in the wake of the incident, he was "very disappointed".

Aqib Talib- NFL Network

Aqib Talib- Suspect Arrested

The brother of the suspect was arrested following an incident shooting. At the beginning of this month.

Aqib was scheduled for a stint with Amazon to serve as an analyst on the company's "Thursday Night Football" coverage.

Aqib Talib- Amazon to Serve

Aqib's brother Yaqub Talib was arrested,  and taken to Jail in the Dallas County Jail.

Aqib Talib- Former NFL Star Brother

Aqib was in the area at the time of the shooting, and witnesses were interviewed by WFAA this week.

Aqib Talib- Was Interviewed

It is believed that Aqib actually sparked the fight when he crossed his field in a game and argued with officials.

Aqib Talib- Sparked the Fight

Image Source- NBC News

Aqib Talib- In an Announcement

Image Source- Bro Bible

Aqib's lawyer has said this in an announcement following the shooting, following the shooting.

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