Aqib Talib- Involvement in Shooting

A brother and a former NFL player, Aqib Talib, is sought for his involvement to the shooting.

A heated argument let to shooting during an event for youth football in Texas left one of the coaches dead.

Aqib Talib- Heating Arguments

Aqib Talib- Shooting Suspect

Police identified Yaqub Salik as the suspect in the shooting that took place at Lancaster Community Park.

Gunfire erupted in a dispute between opposing coaches as well as the officiating team into physical fight.

Aqib Talib- Opposing Coaches

One person was shot and taken to the local hospital however, he died. He was identified as the youth Football coach.

Aqib Talib- Local Hospital

We send our most sincere condolences and best wishes to the family of friends, and former teammates.

Aqib Talib- Best Wishes

Lancaster the city's official Scott Finley said authorities believe Yaqub Talib, his brother was an NFL cornerback.

Aqib Talib- Said Authorities

Image Source- CBS Sports

Aqib Talib- His Lawyer Statement

Image Source- SB Nation

A lawyer representing Aqib Talib said to TMZ " was in the room at the time of this tragic incident.

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