Steve Sarkisian was "all in" to land Arch Manning. Nelson Stewart is Manning's coach at Isidore Newman, New Orleans.

Arch Manning- Texas Goes All the Way

Arch Manning, the son of Cooper and nephew of Eli and Peyton, is the grandson of Archie. He is strong and accurate, with a strong arm.

Arch Manning- Strong & Accurate

Each American football coach would have walked from their home to Cafe du Monde to land Manning.

Arch Manning- American Football

In 2025, Oklahoma and Texas will move from the Big 12 into the SEC. Manning will then be a junior.

Arch Manning- From the Big 12

Manning has not made public statements about the reasons for his decision. His only communication was an announcement.

Arch Manning- Public Statement

Although he joined Twitter in February and sent his first tweet on Thursday, he has not yet posted any other tweets.

Image Source- allfortennessee

Arch Manning- Joined Twitter

It is hard to believe that NIL rights weren't a part of the decision. Although coaches are not allowed to coordinate.

Image Source- New York Post

Arch Manning- NIL Rights

Endorsement money directly, there is plenty of wealth in Texas between alumni and supporters.

Arch Manning- Endorsement Money

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