iPhone Users complain for Apple Music

An Apple Music has a bug which is perplexing some iPhone owners with the unwanted turnouts.

According to various reports, the Apple Music iOS app is installing itself directly to the iPhone’s dock when downloaded.

Apple Music App- Installing

Apple Music Bug- Kicking Out Other Apps

Apple Music Bug also kicking out other apps users had set up in their dock and taking their spot,

iPhone owners also found the bug was causing Apple Music to establish itself as the default music service for Siri requests

Apple Music App- Default Music Service

Apple Music- iOS 15

We’ve seen the dock issue taking place across different versions of iOS 15, old and new.

Apple was not able to provide further details about the bug, but said it’s looking into it.

Apple Music App- What Company Said

Apple Music- iOS Developer first spotted

An iOS developer Kevin Archer first spotted Apple Music’s odd behavior, and posted a video to Twitter.

We found the Apple Music app replaced all sorts of apps that were in users’ docks, including first-party apps

Apple Music App- Replaced Apps

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