With stomach bugs and more than seven centuries of history against them The Auburn Tigers were down.

Auburn Tigers- Stomach Bugs

They were beaten by No. 2 Stanford at the Men's College World Series. Take on the challenge or go home.

Auburn Tigers- Were beaten by No. 2

"My task is to help coaches and players go home with no regrets" Tigers coach Butch Thompson declared.

Auburn Tigers- Players go Home

Stanford was seeded the highest of the MCWS field and never before been in the past 17 trips to the MCWS.

Auburn Tigers- Seeded the Highest

After a possible strike of his career, Foster, according to Thompson, was barely able to get into second base.

Auburn Tigers- Possible Strike

Foster did not appear at the postgame press conference as he was scheduled to get IV fluids after the match, Thompson said.

Image Source- Auburn University Athletics

Auburn Tigers- Press Conference

Thompson said that he'd had "seven or eight players who were on the toilet too often and wasn't feeling well.

Image Source- Pitsburgh Post Gazette

Auburn Tigers- Seven or Eight Players

Thompson confirmed on ESPN late on Monday night on Monday that the Tigers were suffering from stomach bugs.

Auburn Tigers- Confirmed on ESPN

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