RS6 and RS7 Gain New Performance Editions - Audi has revealed that the RS6 and RS7 will receive a Performance version.

The RS7's engine has been boosted to produce 627 pound-feet of torque.

These new Performance models will be available in 16 exterior colours, with the option of a matte Dew Silver.

RS6 and RS7 Performance models will feature an eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

This differential is lighter and compact, and can send up to 85 percent of the power to the rear wheels by default.

Audi's RS6 and RS7 models will also get chassis upgrades and visual tweaks. 

They will also lose some of the insulation from the cabin, which will result in a bigger sound from the engine bay.

These models will also feature RS ceramic brakes with 17.3-inch front rotors and 14.6-inch rear rotors.

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