Audi is adding Apple Music into its cars’ infotainment systems, giving drivers the flexibility to take heed to their playlists & Podcast.

This marks the second Volkswagen group automaker to get the built-in streaming music service, as Porsche had already added the feature into its all-electric Taycan. 

Integrating Apple Music into the Audio infotainment system marks the following step within the collaboration between Audi and Apple.

It reveals that Apple is extra willing to hand automakers the keys to its music streaming platform, giving drivers extra decisions on utilizing the service.

Almost all Audi automobile Cars manufactured in 2022 and newer will get Apple Music in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Current 2022 models on the street will get it through an automatic over-the-air software update as far as the news is heading.

As soon as the update completes, owners can discover the Apple Music icon on their Audi’s infotainment display screen.

Apple knew it wanted so as to add its music service on a number of platforms to challenge rival Spotify for market dominance. 

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