Austin Ekeler- First Round Fantasy

When the consensus first-round fantasy draft pick Austin Ekeler's not slicing through defenses this season.

The scout will be in a job that seems quite appropriate, even if it's somewhat bizarre: a Fantasy football analyst.

Austin Ekeler- Quite Appropriate

Austin Ekeler- Broadcast

Video series will be broadcast every Wednesday for 18 consecutive weeks as Ekeler along with his cohost Matt Harmon.

The message they're putting out is: Ekeler is one of the rare NFL players who truly care about fantasy sports.

Austin Ekeler- NFL Player

Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler has proven to be among the NFL's most exciting offensive players.

Austin Ekeler- Los Angeles Chargers

He was on B/R on the show for an AMA that covered everything about his love for fantasy football.

Austin Ekeler- Covered Everything

It's known as Ekelers Edge. I'm just beginning to realize the importance of community in NFL Football.

Austin Ekeler- Begin to Realize

Image Source- NY Times

Austin Ekeler- Fantasy Game

Image Source- Sporting News

It's a twist on the fantasy game and my own personality and a completely different perspective.

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